Jane Kim Won’t Pledge Allegiance to the Flag…..

There’s not liberty and justice for all, Jane Kim says. And until there is, the newly-elected San Francisco Board of Supervisors member will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Board opens up every meeting with a simple showing of American pride and patriotism. But while every other member of the 11-member Board utters the approximately 10-second long statement, and many put their hand over their heart, Kim does neither.

“I don’t believe we are a nation with liberty and justice for all — yet,” Kim said on Tuesday. “So a lot of my work is motivated by wanting to be a part of achieving that ideal.”

Kim calls the decision a “personal” one that she’s considered since high school, and she rejects the notion that refusing to say it says anything about her patriotism.

“I think I am very loyal to the country,” she told the Examiner. “I’ve expressed my patriotism through my years of doing organizing work, being a civil-rights lawyer and being a public servant now.”

The Examiner says the Board’s Pledge is required by its Rules of Order. However, the rule only says the Board president must lead the “Board and the audience,” and says nothing about requiring members to join in.

Kim’s fellow supervisor Scott Wiener, who sits next to Kim during the meetings, told the Examiner he has no problem with her silence.

The Pledge gained national attention during last year’s election season when the League of Women Voters was overridden twice by two separate debate audiences that were told the debates would not open with the recitation. And just three days before Christmas, a Massachusetts school sent a permission slip home requiring students to secure a parent’s signature in order to recite the patriotic words.


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One response to “Jane Kim Won’t Pledge Allegiance to the Flag…..

  1. Pat Mason

    I think you’re confusing the issue of the Pledge in the first place. The ‘Flag’ does not represent LOCAL issues, but the agendas of the current sitting U.S. GOVERNMENT. I stopped pledging allegiance to the flag because my ‘Allegiance’ is with THE PEOPLE, not some piece of cloth which may, or may not represent the wishes of THE PEOPLE. I’m sure many would NOT stand behind the flag of GEORGE BUSH. Many won’t stand behind the flag of OBAMA. Currently (and, really, over the last few decades) the FLAG has represented the building of a Global American EMPIRE which has no respect for other peoples, their nations’ sovereignty, or our own Constitution and Rule of Law.

    This is what the flag represents, and this is why I DON’T pledge allegiance to IT. The ONLY thing I’ll ever pledge my allegiance to is THE PEOPLE.

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