This Mornings News Stories…Short and Sweet.

Sheriff Adam Christianson announced this morning that the body found in the Delta-Mendota Canal this morning was most likely  4-year-old Juliani Cardenas who was kidnapped out of his grandmothers arms on January 18th.  The child’s identity still needs to be confirmed through DNA testing. The search for his capturer continues.

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It may be hard to imagine, but the world wide web is quickly running out of new internet addresses.  That means internet users could face connection problems with their own computers in the coming months. Every time you go to a site on the internet, you are actually going to a numerical address. This week, the internet will run out of new numerical addresses. Alex Bohk-an-nek of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View said “This week, the last chunk of internet protocol addresses — was allocated to one of the registries that assigns them to internet service providers,” said Bochannek.

Speaking of Internet, the internet in Egypt has been restored to parts of the area. The internet was turned off January 28 because it was believed that the citizens were organizing against Mubarak on Social Networking Sites. Although the internet is limited to certain sites….of those certain sites – the essential social networking pages can be found.

Stanford University’s planned $2 billion new hospital is getting a $150 million boost from Apple, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Intuit and Oracle. In its plans, which are awaiting approval by the city of Palo Alto, Stanford Hospital will feature new and expanded intensive care and emergency services, with radiology and surgical services next to the emergency department. It expects to raise at least $400 million in private donations to fund construction of the new facility.

As the world watched Egypt take to the streets over the weekend, American audiences were exposed to a channel that had been missing from their cable packages and it’s a San Francisco-based nonprofit network that’s been giving it to them.  Since Friday, Link TV has been pre-empting scheduled shows to show live footage from Al Jazeera English in Egypt. On Sunday, Link ran 10 hours of live AJE.

A SF Google marketing manager has gone missing in Cairo. Wael Ghonim’s whereabouts have been unknown since last Thursday evening. Ghonim oversees Google’s marketing in the Middle East and Africa from the company’s Dubai office. A Facebook page under Ghonim’s name proclaims his dislike for Mubarak.

Two San Francisco Muni employees have been placed on administrative leave after allowing an unoccupied Muni bus to drift down Van Ness Avenue and crash into a light pole yesterday. While the bus operator and mechanic were working on the bus, it began rolling downhill and struck a light pole on the side of the road.  The Muni operator and mechanic will be tested for alcohol and drugs and have been placed on administrative leave. The operator has been placed on nondriving status.

The college dreams of 100 Oakland High School seniors may have been dashed. They got news that their college entrance exam scores were lost, through no fault of their own.  Acceptance letters from college go out in March, so those February scores probably won’t make it in time. An ACT spokesman released a statement saying, “If any of the students are facing college admission deadlines that cannot be met because of this problem, they are urged to contact the college(s) and inform them of the situation. The students may provide the college a copy of the letter they received from ACT regarding the need for the retest.”

A dog and a sheep are back with their owners and a woman is safe after firefighters rescued them in Richmond.  Richmond fire officials say firefighters rappelled down to the animals late Tuesday afternoon. They had received a call from animal control officers just before 4 p.m. reporting that the dog and sheep were stuck about halfway up a 300-foot cliff behind a waste water treatment plant in Point Richmond and that a woman was also stranded after trying to stop them. The dog had apparently been chasing the sheep when both became trapped on the cliff but then were brought to safety in about two hours.


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