Had to post for humor- The SMARTEST Criminal Ever.

A would be thief who broke into an Australian bakery, found himself injured, and trapped in a storeroom, instead…AND ITS ON VIDEO! YAY!

His increasingly desperate attempts to break out were all caught on camera.

The would be burglar broke through a skylight and found himself unwittingly in the spotlight. He quickly realizes he’s not going to find any dough there.

First, he tries to use a bin to climb out of the bakery’s locked storeroom. Then, he decides buckets might be the way to a great escape. Over the next half hour, he keeps trying, falling from ceiling height again, and again, and again.

The long time owner of the Frankston bread shop is looking on the bright side.

Maria Ferreira says, “I think I never seen this in my life, not even on video, it was funny.”

The burglar broke in while the bakery was closed over Christmas. The owners say there wasn’t even a cookie jar left for him to steal.

At one point, the helpless trespasser uses a mobile phone, probably to call for help. Because of the height of the room, the owners believe he couldn’t have escaped alone.

Releasing the video, police don’t think it’ll be long before they catch their man. At one point, he looks straight at the lens and realizes his every move has been caught on camera.


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