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A San Francisco police officer suspected of misusing official vehicle registrations and misdemeanor theft turned himself into custody Wednesday.He was booked into San Francisco County Jail and is being held on two felony charges of fraudulent use of vehicle registration and on a misdemeanor charge of theft while in uniform.

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Supporters of President Mubarak opened fire on protesters in Cairo. In the overnight fighting, machine gun fire began and echoed for more than an hour across the central square. At least five people were killed.

PG&E ran four natural-gas transmission system lines well above legal safety levels in recent years and must cut the operating pressure on those pipes.  PG&E admitted it had intentionally increased the pressure on a dozen transmission lines temporarily and exceeded maximum levels by just “a few pounds.”

A school janitor who had been laid off was arrested for shooting and killing a Placerville elementary school principal.  No children were hurt.  Police do not believe the janitor had a criminal history. Police commended the school staff for quickly locking down the school and protecting the children.

Be careful what you facebook – A woman took a medical leave for depression and began receiving disability benefits from her insurer.  A year later and without warning, the payments stopped. A representative of the insurance company told her that they used photos of her on Facebook — showing her frolicking at a beach and hanging out at a pub — to determine she was depression-free and able to work. The case is scheduled for trial next January.

Oakland’s street outreach workers spend several nights a week walking areas notorious for drugs, shootings, prostitution and gangs. They search for youths caught up in lives of crime and violence, and make offerings of information about job programs, education and health services.  While program results are hard to define, city and police officials believe the outreach is successful, making contact with more than 5,000 youths each year, and providing one-on-one services to nearly 400.

Autopsy results show that the four-year old believed to be Juliani Cardenas died of drowning.  DNA tests that will confirm the body’s identity won’t be available for a couple of weeks. Juliani’s mother’s ex-boyfriend Jose Rodriguez is wanted on murder and kidnapping charges but police believe he is also dead in the canal.

Prostate is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among American men, killing more than 30,000 a year and there’s no reliable way to know which tumors are life-threatening. Scientists have created a test that might make it possible to identify dangerous tumors with the accuracy of testing at 91 percent from 84 percent.. Prostate is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among American men, killing more than 30,000 a year.

A 7-year-old child allegedly shot a Nerf-style toy gun at school and now faces misdemeanor criminal charges. The Nerf gun shoots soft foam ping pong type balls.Officials also say that there was no evidence of anyone being threatened of “death by nerfing”. The child’s mother told school officials that she didn’t know her son brought the toy to school. Police charged the 7-year-old with possessing an imitation firearm in an education institution

Iran has dramatically stepped up the number of executions of dissidents and others — hanging 67 so far this year. If the “rubber-stamp” killings — as the Iranian opposition has called them continue at the current rate, Iran will comfortably consolidate its position as being second to China for putting people to death.

In Sacramento – a homeless man, was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies on suspicion of identity theft, welfare fraud and grand theft. For 17 years he has used the identity of “Larry Smith”The real Larry Smith has spent eight days in jail in Florida, he’s had his license suspended and he’s had his tax filings taken away from him. The police are straightening the situation out.

Killer Charles Manson has been caught with a smuggled cell phone for the second time. He had been calling and texting people and leaving disturbing voicemails – he even had some missed calls.   He faces a disciplinary hearing and could lose early release credits. The Legislature plans to consider a bill making inmates’ possession of phones illegal.

A man who was dressed as a breathalizer was snagged for drunk driving after leaving a costume party, has been sentenced. In addition to his jail term, which starts Monday, his license is suspended for three years and ordered him to pay $1,300 in fines.


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