The News You Heard This Morning!

San Jose police are trying to determine whether a woman whose body was found in a state of “advanced decomposition” was the victim of foul play.  “It’s a suspicious death,” said an Officer – “The coroner’s office is investigating the cause. Once they determine whether or not it was a homicide, that will be a determining factor in how they continue their investigation.”

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A loophole in the state’s new medical-marijuana law could open thousands of neighborhood parks, playgrounds, greenbelts and artificial lakes to resident joint smokers.  The law approved by Arizona voters in November prohibits marijuana smoking “in any public place,” but properties controlled by homeowners associations are considered private property.

 3 Americans accused of spying appeared in Iranian court yesterday to begin trial after an 18-month detention.  All three — entered not guilty pleas.Iran, pressed forward with spy charges that could bring a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted.

A public high school English teacher was called into the principals office due to her facebook – regarding a picture showing her holding a glass of wine and a mug of beer. She was told to either resign or be suspended. She resigned. But here’s the really troubling part: Payne had used the privacy settings on Facebook to “Friends only”.  She is now in graduate school and is suing the district.

Police are looking for two home invasion robbers who injured a Richmond resident yesterday.  Two men wearing ski masks forced their way into a residence and struck a man in the head with an unknown object then they drove off in the victim’s pickup! Richmond police are searching for the man.

A half-marathon in San Francisco ended tragically yesterday morning when one of the runners died. A 35-year old man from Orinda who ran the 13.1-mile course at a very fast rate, collapsed and died at the finish line. Police have not released his name and the exact cause of death is not yet known.

Columbian Guards became suspicious when they saw what they described as irregular shapes underneath a 11 year old girl’s jumper. When they investigated they found 74 mobile phones and a revolver taped to her back.  The girl said she had come to the prison in Medellin to visit a relative jailed for illegal gun possession. Reports say the girl was trying to slip past the second checkpoint, where visitors are patted down and their bags searched. The two are being held pending further investigation.

Tomorrow, U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel will go to San Quentin for a tour of the state’s new and untested death chamber, built for nearly $900,000 and designed solely for lethal injections. With the visit, California will take a step toward resolving whether it can resume executions on a death row now brimming with nearly 720 inmates.

Police have arrested a 51-year-old Indiantown man on charges of ripping off an 82-year-old woman to the tune of $490,000. He was hired to perform work at the victim’s home in Palm City, but ended up doing very little or none of the work, much of it having to be redone because it was deemed hazardous. The victim was charged more than $107,000 for $10 worth of cement patch and hour’s work.

Brian’s perfect coffee cup – Starbucks has been rolling out its 31-ounce size, called the Trenta.  And someone figured out that the cup is big enough that once you’re done with your iced coffee, you can fill the cup with an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF WINE.  A Venti has 415 miligrams of caffiene… Multiple health surveys say that 400mg of caffiene a day is the healthy limit. This drink will contain roughly 620 miligrams of caffiene.

A universal flu vaccine has been successfully tested on humans with the disease for the first time, it was reported Monday.  unlike existing vaccines, this one, which was tested by scientists at Oxford University, does not need to be changed every year to match the latest strain of the virus.


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