The News – Short and Sweet… Just how we like it.

Authorities in Santa Clara County are looking for thieves who invaded a home and held the owner for hours before fleeing with a gun collection valued at up to $2 million. Police report that three masked men invaded the Gilroy home on Sunday night. They tied up and beat the owner. A neighbor says the man got free at about 6 a.m. Monday.  Authorities say the thieves also stole the man’s pickup truck, which was later found torched. The search for these men continues.

A traffic stop on Sunday led to the discovery of approximately 30 pounds or $60,000 of marijuana concealed in the back of a U-Haul moving truck.  It is believed mustard was used to help hide the marijuana along with plastic wrap. The driver is in custody.

The Obama administration is urging Egyptian leaders to include more people in a national dialogue on reform but won’t endorse demands from protesters for the immediate resignation of embattled President Mubarak. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Egypt has already seen “monumental change” take place with Mubarak’s vow not to seek another term, ruling out his son as his successor, and appointing a vice president, which is something the U.S. has been urging for decades.

San Jose police are searching for a person involved in a hit-and-run early Sunday that left an 18-year-old woman in critical condition. Erika Luna was hit by a car at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday and dragged about 25 feet. The family of the victim is offering a $2,000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest.

Scientists are developing a fluorescent liquid to inject into patients and make their hard-to-see nerves ‘glow’.  The peptide would enable surgeons to see even the most sensitive nerves instead of relying on their experience and electronic monitoring. Avoiding these during surgery is important as accidental damage can lead to severe pain or paralysis.

The families of two UC Berkeley graduates charged with spying in Iran said yesterday that they’re glad Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were able to proclaim their innocence in a court and that they hope the case is nearing an end

The East Bay SPCA placed a record number of adopted animals into Oakland and Tri-Valley area homes in 2010, releasing 2,247 shelter animals to local households last year which was to 286 more adoptions than the previous year.

A man who was at a cockfight died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb. He was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he was injured. An autopsy concluded he died of an accidental “sharp force injury” to his right calf.


A South San Francisco teen faces felony DUI charges for a car crash early Saturday morning that killed a 17-year-old girl from San Jose. The 18 year old, was behind the wheel when it slammed into the back of another car on Highway 101 and the girl was sitting in the back seat and died after being thrown forward by the impact. Three other passengers also suffered minor injuries. Everyone in the car had been drinking before the wreck. He is due back in court Feb. 15 and remains in San Mateo County jail.


An Intimate shop is offering customers a deal just in time for Valentine’s Day: Trade your guns for intimate items. The handguns for hand toys and other items offer promises gifts equal to the value of the guns as determined by licensed gun dealer who will be onsite. Guns in any condition will be accepted.  The goal is to get guns off the streets. The guns will then be auctioned at THE STORES and a portion of the profits will go to victims of violent crimes.


Want absolution for your sins?  There’s an app for that.  The Catholic Church has given its blessing to an iPhone app called “Confession” . . . that lets you confess your sins, then walks you through your penance.  All for $1.99 in the app store.  The Church did say that they don’t consider the app a replacement for actually going to confession in person, but they think it will help Catholics engage in religion using new technology.


Vietnamese police say nine people died during party after a power outage. AND No, the power going out didnt kill them, in fact, it was carbon monoxide that caused their deaths. Due to the fact that they drove a car into the 215 square foot house with all windows and doors closed and left the engine running so that they could use the headlights and stereo to keep the party going. They really exausted all their possibilities…




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