Brian Had to Sit Next To this Mess on a Train

Stalking Cat as he likes to be addressed to.  David Avner, a native American,  has spent more than $200.000 on plastic surgery to make himself look as a tiger, his totem animal. He even had all of his teeth removed and replaced them with feline-like ones, he has tattooed his face with stripes, he modified his upper lip and inserted stainless steel implants to insert whiskers in, he had his ears surgically pointed and inserted silicone in different areas of his face.

Why… why why why why why..!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



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6 responses to “Brian Had to Sit Next To this Mess on a Train

  1. Donna

    What’s worse to sit next to….Catman or Steven Tyler!?!? Not a visual I needed early in the morning. ,)

  2. norina

    I want to know did he start purring??

  3. John in Dublin

    What a friggin’ freak. No thank you…I drive everywhere I need to go when ever possible. Even travel for work up to Seattle of down to SoCal. This way I can bring everything I need, including my close friend Colt… 😉

  4. Alexandra Walsh


  5. sodizzy


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