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8 responses to “What Do You Think?!

  1. Hank

    I dont think the gov. at any level should subsidze any “green” projects. If the product has to propped up by tax payer money it never works. Here in Idaho in my area we got suckered in the ethanol hype..gave tax breaks etc..got two nice big plants. One was never finished contractors lost a ton of money. The other one did produce a few thousand gallons but it to is now setting idle. All in all a few investers make a good profit and the rest of us pay and pay and pay. No thanks..if you want to go “green” dont ask me to pay for it…Enjoy your show keep up the good work!!!

  2. jerry

    I agree with Hank and my other major objection is food prices are going up because of all the grain going to ethanol production. I would rather eat than have some overpriced ethanol that cannot compete with fossil fuels.

  3. Chris

    Well, we give billions and billions in subsides to oil and fossil fuel companies.

    So no, giving small subsides to green projects would be unfair, unpatriotic and SOCIALISM!!!!!

    Oops sorry, I had a Fox News moment.

  4. john pulice

    not only are electric cars fossil fueled, each transfer produces a loss.

    by the time the energy get to the car, the carbon footprint of an electric car is probably larger than a conventional interal combustion car.

  5. Hunter

    California leads the nation in new trends and new industries, so why not lend a helping hand to the next “boom” and get the country moving towards a faster recovery. Now, should California sacrifice public services that keep disadvantaged people alive, fed, and off the streets for green projects like this? In my opinion, no. The federal government also wants to propel this project and they should take the majority of the price of this package and when the free capitalist take over the project they should repay the state and fed back with interest so a win-win for us all. The first gasoline engine car boom in America was and is over a century old and the next American electric vehicle boom will last more than a hundred years benefiting this countries economy for decades to come. Another step in the direction of another economic boom is a good move for America.

  6. Todd

    This is another illustration that liberals / leftists / enviro-weenies all failed science class. The physics can’t be shoved by agenda, it will always take the same amount of energy to move the same mass down the same road. Shifting the source of the energy to the electric grid is just moronic, considering complete idiots like Jerry Brown et. al. won’t let new power plants of any kind be built.

    So, we’re to have BROWN outs so that our neighbors can feel good about “saving the planet” and boost their narcissistic egos about driving an electric car? This reminds me of the South Park episode about the “Toyunda Pious” for cryin’ out loud!

    Take your curly bulbs, your government green projects that are just more cronyism for your enviro pals, and jam it where the curly bulb don’t shine.

    You want electric cars? Build nuclear power plants, and LET THE MARKET DECIDE.

    That simple.

  7. Hunter

    You’ll never know if you don’t try it out in an experiment.

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