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4 responses to “IT’S POLL TIME!

  1. Go Helen! The President should not intervene on the states behalf. I am hoping that he does so that we can drag His butt into court based on the Constitution!No! no! and hey no! Did I say no? The officials that are elected and unelected that agendize, through the coercive and corruption of these practices are in jepardy of becoming reprobate! And for what? Their “mill stones ” will be tied around their necks and will be cast into a sea of darkness. I say, turn around!Abadon is at the door for the unrighteous. A pit is dug for the unrighteous and to them I say put the shovels down!

  2. Gail Passaretti

    Barak Huissane Obama needs to keep out of all STATES issues. He is destroying our country and until he starts participating in what the people in our country want then he needs to stay out of all STATES issues. He is the worse than Jimmy Carter ever was and is not a leader. He is a muslem and it won’t change.

  3. Susan

    As Governor Walker succinctly stated, President Obama cannot manage his own budget. And you know what – unions for public workers need to be busted – they are lying sideways in the public trough. As the economy suffers, they cannot continue to raid the taxpayers pockets.

  4. Here’s the link to the column that drills through the media ice to get to the core issue:

    Contact info for our founder is below:

    Lori Asst. to Mr. Olivastro

    Richard Olivastro
    Tel: 251.367.4KLO (4556)
    Toll Free: 877.Rich Speaks
    National Fax: 800.368.1958

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