Life Goes On Foundation


Arthur Renowitzky, 22, of San Lorenzo, CA is the executive director and founder of Life Goes On Foundation (LGO) a nonpolitical/nonprofit organization working in the Bay Area to help bring an end to gun violence amongst youth. Arthur founded LGO in 2007 after he was shot point blank outside of a San Francisco night club by an unknown assailant, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. The shooter took $20 dollars from Arthur and a $15 tin chain. The shooter was never found.

After a 23-day battle in a medically induced coma, Arthur woke to learn he would never walk again. Knowing he didn’t want a shooting like this to happen to another young adult, Arthur founded his non-profit, LGO, and hit the streets spreading his message of peace and the real reality of gun violence, through special events and public speaking.

In recognition of his work Arthur was named a Home Town hero by the Bay Area News Group for the summer of 2009 and also received a citation of appreciation from the Oakland Mayoral Council Against Violence that same year.

Additionally, Arthur plays shooting guard for The San Jose Spokes – a semi-professional wheelchair basketball team. Arthur credits wheelchair basketball for bringing him out of a deep depression after the shooting. The depression began after he returned home from two months of rehabilitation. It was so severe that for weeks Arthur spent 24-hours a day in his bedroom with tinfoil on his windows debating suicide until one day his father and brother forced him out of the house to try hand cycling. That moment provided Arthur with a breath of fresh air and a new lease on life. Soon after his hand cycling experience, he met with a wheelchair basketball coach and found his new passion, strength and confidence. Basketball was Arthur’s sport of choice in high school and during his free time. Uncovering wheelchair basketball provides Arthur with the athletic challenges he’s enjoyed since he was a little boy.

Arthur, AKA AR, is also an accomplished hip hop artist. He dedicates his lyrics to the dangers of gun violence as well as providing messages that life’s challenges can be overcome if one works hard and remains dedicated to being a productive member of society. He has recorded two records and has collaborated with many of today’s most known Bay Area rap artists. Currently, AR’s video to the song “Don’t Take My Shine” can been seen on regular rotation on the famed music video program CMC.

Besides speaking in public, hosting events, playing wheelchair basketball and being an accomplished musician – Arthur is a student a Chabot College in Hayward, CA where he is studying communications. He plans to use his degree in communications to fulfill his vision for LGO; to one day be the national voice for anti-gun violence amongst youth.


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