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A federal appeals court rejected a plea yesterday to let same-sex weddings resume in California while the court reviews a 2008 ballot measure that banned such marriages. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reaffirmed an order it issued in August, suspending the decision that found Proposition 8 unconstitutional. The state high court has scheduled arguments for September and could take three more months before issuing an opinion and returning the case to the federal appeals court.

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A Los Altos man, Daniel Stansbury, has been sentenced to nearly three years in state prison for posing as a victim of the San Bruno pipeline explosion to get free gift cards and hotel accommodations. He used 2 names and two different addresses to claim aid, allowing him to receive $2,000 in gift cards from PG&E. He pleaded no contest in January to burglary, identity theft and grand theft.

Barry Bonds’ steroid use was so “out of hand” that his former business manager and childhood friend, Steve Hoskins, recorded Bond’s weight trainer describing the array of steroids that he was allegedly providing. Hoskins  said he had spent years trying to get Bonds off steroids and he said he made the tape for Bonds’ father, as part of that effort.

Support for a special election on Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to extend temporary tax and fee increases has withered significantly in the past two months. The survey found that although most voters had said in January that a special election was a good idea, only a little more than half of either group says so now. Even if the election happens, support also has declined for the five-year extension of income, sales and car taxes. Only 46 percent of likely voters now support that plan, a decline of eight points.

Air traffic safety is under increased scrutiny by federal authorities following an incident in which two passenger jets landed without controller assistance at Reagan National Airport because no one could be reached in the airport tower.  The air traffic supervisor had fallen asleep.  The pilots of the two planes were in contact with controllers at a facility about 40 miles away in Virginia.  Responding to the incident, the FAA is to put two air traffic controllers on the midnight shift at Reagan National.

In Japan, Workers handed out bottled water to families after residents cleared store shelves because of warnings that radiation from  had seeped into the city’s water supply.  Engineers are continuing to try to stabilize the nuclear facility. Japan’s nuclear safety agency said that three workers have .
Tokyo’s 13 million people had been told not to give infants tap water because of contamination twice the safety level.

Later on today, state officials will have their biggest opportunity since the explosion in San Bruno to transform talk into action. The California Public Utilities Commission, will consider a proposed fine against the utility of up to $1 million dollars a day for not providing pipeline safety documents the agency had requested.  The fine would be by far the toughest in a series of steps taken against PG&E.

On Monday night, a couple was driving through Vermont And they were both drunk. That sparked a fight, since they couldn’t decide who was LESS DRUNK and should be driving. First, the girl was driving.  She then pulled over and Witnesses heard her yell, quote, “If you can drive better, let’s see it!”  So they switched seats. one of those witnesses called the cops and and since both of them had driven the car, BOTH of them were hit with DUIs.

An Pensylvania woman is in a lot of trouble for a very stupid move. She was really mad at her ex, and she wanted to take care of him once and for all. She decided to hire a hit man through a website called and used the online payment service PayPal to settle her bill.


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  1. Rick

    My hearing isn’t all that great, but regardless I can’t understand the voice modification on Wednesdays.
    I’m a podcast user, but from the Bay Area.

    I’ll still listen, but less so on Wednesday.

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