Most Expensive Public Work Projects in the U.S.

Projects to build new highways or improve existing ones, including roadways, bridges and tunnels. The list only includes projects that are underway; those still in planning are excluded until construction begins.

1. Big Dig (1992-2006), Boston, Massachusetts, $14.6 billion
2. San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Replacement (2002-2013), San Francisco/Oakland, California, $6.3 billion
3. Mon-Fayette Expressway, southwest Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, $5.0 billion
4. Ohio River Bridges Project (2005-2020), Louisville, Kentucky, southern Indiana, $4.1 billion
5. Central Texas Turnpike (2001-2007), Area Around Austin, Texas, $3.6 billion
6. Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement (1999-2008), Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, southern Maryland, $2.5 billion
7. Interstate 69 Extension SIU #3 (2008-2018), Evansville to Indianapolis, Indiana, $1.8 billion
8. I-95 New Haven Harbor Corridor Reconstruction (2001-2016), New Haven, Connecticut, $1.4 billion
9. E-470 (1991-2003), Denver, Colorado, $1.2 billion

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  1. Brian

    How about the Hoover Dam Bypass project? an amazing feet of engineering at a cost of 240 million


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