Whistleblower Wednesday Brought Us This Waste, Fraud and Abuse!

Street Sweeper driver who’s shift goes from 6 AM to 2 PM. He finishes his work by about 9 AM and goes and naps out the rest of his shift. All while making $80,000 and being able to retire on $60,000 a year.

A home with a $3500 per month rent fee, went to a woman with 5 kids. Did we mention shes on Section 8 housing? And they’re paying $3100 of it? Or that she had someone on the inside helping her? Or that her boyfriend just moved in the home along with her parents? OR that she uses food stamps? Oh, well that’s the case…

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In Oakland, a man has been consistantly been sweeping the street and sidewalk in front of his home about twice a year for the last 6 years. Suddenly, Oakland needs street sweepers in that area, and will ticket you with a $65 fine for parking in front of your own home while they do the much NOT needed street sweeping.

A woman donated a kidney, and it went to an inmate. Enough said.

In Milbrae a government building, which was already beautiful, was torn apart and refurnished with multiple unnecessary expensive decor, flooring and appliances. Then they locked it up and no one has been able to use it yet.

The sound walls that run along the freeways,  usually made out of a slab of concrete, are being made out of brick now. Why? Because it takes the workers LONGER. They even lay the bricks vertically… as if laying them horizontally isn’t difficult enough.

Someone went to a county office, and commented on how efficient it was. The response was, “Yeah, we cut 30% of our staff and things have been a lot better.”

The city officials of Benicia are paid salaries of cities with 120,000 people. They say that “Well, its because we do the same amount of services as those cities with more people.” WHAT?!!

A caller had rental property in Fresno that is being rented for $1000 a month….PAID IN FULL by the taxpayers. Reason? The guy renting has 8 kids.

Fairfield has a beautiful building that is decked out in the works, with only the finest decor, again – and what kind of building is it? Oh right, its a government building.

There is a woman who has a daughter who had kids. The daughter couldn’t get the kids to school in a timely manner. The child services said they were going to take the kids.   So the mom (or Grandmother) stepped in and said she’d take the kids – shes now getting paid $600 a month to take care of her OWN grandchildren.

A guy who has been living in burlingame for 12 years, just found out that if a City Supervisor serves 3 terms, they get health care for life.

Everytime a guy takes his kid to school, he stops off at this same bathroom almost every morning, and every time there are multiple city workers just sitting around smoking cigs and drinking coffee.

The state of California needed a huge spool of copper tubing to fix part of one of the penitentiaries.  Well, that MASSIVE spool was stolen. And the state NEVER investigated it, they just ordered some more.

A friend works for the Department of Education, and he said that the money for textbooks comes to them, but only under the rule – you use it or you lose it. So they spend to ensure they get their money down the line.

A guy from Europe, came to America to work. He ended up hurting his back and getting disability for life. he MOVED BACK TO EUROPE but returns once a month to collect his $900… then returns to Europe. Still milking it to this day.

A friend who has a friend from the highway patrol told us that Al Gore got pulled over for speeding in his prius didnt have to pay the ticket.

A guy was on family medical leave, and recieved his payment then got a check with a full months salary. He was a good person and tried to go back and return the money that was sent by mistake, and the woman at the front desk didnt know what to do because she had never had anyone do that before. So he left and attempted to mail it back in – and received a letter back saying that if he didn’t turn the check in, he was going to be sued for the money.

A couple commutes to Benicia, and every morning a county service truck would drive recklessly. So she called the county and gave them the license plate and just informed them that he was driving in an unsafe manner, and they took care of it and it stopped. The people need to have a voice and make these changes!

In Livermore they’ve got a wheels bus system that runs between Livermore and Pleasanton. They’ve been buiding a museum piece of a BUS STOP that cost $950,000.  And they have $200,000 + HYBRID BUSSES

A guy has  a friend who just finished working on the new Lottery building. They spent $3,000,000 to buy a big huge lottery wheel, not to mention the newest and greatest floors, walls, decor and doors.



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  1. Rick

    You need to categorize the Whistleblower organizations, and after accumulating enough of them you’ll be able to establish trends that you can focus on to target for fixing.

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