Today’s Powerful Message: Bernie Sanders – “POPISWAH!”

We’re not quite sure WHAT he’s attempting to say… You guys can take a shot at it. Here’s the speech below, then comment on what YOU think he said!



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3 responses to “Today’s Powerful Message: Bernie Sanders – “POPISWAH!”

  1. scott bouch

    It almost seems reasonable to believe it’s a Yittish word, almost. What’s his mothers country of origion?

  2. He might have a point – the budget shouldn’t be balanced on the backs of the American middle class or any other class he could point to. Hypocrites like Sanders (and Reid and Pelosi) are the embodiment of an elected elitist class. It would be only fitting and proper to balance the budget on the backs of such elitists (members of the 110th and 11th Congress that voted to spend the people’s money so irresponsibly). Like Obama at the start of his term demanded that the Wall Street players pay back their bonus money, we the people should demand that Sanders and such elitists pay back their salaries – retroactive to their respective votes! Then they should work without pay as public servants until the budget crisis (which they created) has been resolved.

  3. Silvia Black

    Bernie Sanders, The U.S. Government should NOT be in the business of Health Care, Education, Day Care, Mail Service, Environment, Should not own land except for land security, Give Grants to the “Arts”, or “Scientific” Studies, own banks, car companies, nor fire CEO’s of any company. Once these departments are privatized, look at all the jobs in the private sector open up! Competition is encouraged. Faulty business will FAIL, BECAUSE they’re faulty ! We citizens can keep more of OUR money SO WE CAN INVEST IN PRIVATE PROPERTY, BUSINESSES, & CONTRIBUTE TO THE ORGANIZATION OF “OUR” CHOICE IN OUR COMMUNITIES !

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