YOU Blew These Whistles This Morning!

#1- Nancy from San Jose, who is a retired teacher, called in to tell us how easy it is to get SSI – just get your child diagnosed with ADHD and make sure that your child is reading 2 years behind. They then will receive $3000 in “in-home services” a month for having a “disabled child”

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#2-Matt from the North Bay – His wife works for migrant education and the services are meant to help the students catch up and not fall behind. It is a great program, but they have these trainings where they put people from different places in hotels and pay their food. Next week theres a training in Santa Rosa, and they are paying for people who live less than a hour away, to stay in hotels and are paying their travel time… for 3 days.  Fully federally funded.

#3- Brett from Oakley –  His wife worked for the school district and shared this with him: One time a teacher was at a conference when she ordered a bottle of wine and tried to write it off…. blaming the high price of the dinner on the swiss chard. Another teacher bought a shotgun and tried to get in reimbursed for educational purposes because he was going to “bring it to class”

#4 -A Painter for SF at Golden Gate Park was supposed to paint a men’s restroom.  He finished the job in 1 day. The next day – he was told to return to the SAME BATHROOM. He said, I already finished it. The same thing happened wednesday – so he complained to his supervisor saying “I finished that job, can I have another one??” His supervisor said “Look, weve got a good thing going here – this is supposed to be a week long thing… go to

#5 – Greg who is a Licensed contractor was called to a high school 3 weeks before class started because they needed to have a classroom painted. He said no problem, it will be $800 – they were shocked that it was a great price! The union paint worker, who turned down the project due to “toxic materials” – wanted to charge $3500. Then Greg got called to take care of the kitchen – again, he charged $1000 and took care of it in 3, 3 hour days. The school was blown away by how great of a job he did and how little he charged… but once again – the union man said that he couldn’t be “subjected” to a biohazard so he turned the job, THAT THE SCHOOL NEEDED DONE. Greg returned to the school to get paid… and was told that the UNION MAN FILED A COMPLAINT because the school was using outside work to do a union job, so they can’t hire him anymore.

#6- Brett in Stockton: Lived in Michigan after he moved there from California and he lived where there were dirt roads. He didn’t want dirt roads – so he contacted the 17 residents that surrounded him –  and got the OK to get the roads paved. He called a private contractor who said that he’d pave the road for $18,000. The 17 neighbors decided to see what the city would charge…. which ended up being $69,000! Even though the price was largely different, the neighbors decided that THE CITY would do a better job. So while the paving was going on – there was a knock on Brett’s door… IT WAS THE PRIVATE CONTRACTOR who had BEEN HIRED BY THE CITY. Same guy, $51,000 price difference.

#7- Tony in Pittsburg – He does events and builds above ground pools. The quickest way to fill it up is through a fire hydrant. He was in Southern California – and the company he was working with wouldn’t let him fill it up with the hydrant and wanted him to use a hose…..which would take 24 hours. They couldn’t do it because the Rancho Cucamonga city manager wouldn’t allow it because they’d be blocking the driveway. So he called and asked to talk to the city manager — and the receptionist asked “which one?” … BECAUSE THERE ARE 108 of them….

#8- Don in San Jose: His girlfriend works as a pharmacy tech and it turns out that anyone who has a form of aid being paid for by the government, can get NAME BRAND medications – as opposed to people who have usual medical coverage – who usually are given generics.

#9- Anthony in Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz County banned all future vacation homes along the coastal area yesterday.  Supervisor John Leopold is the one who pulled this through, all because some snobs don’t want to share the beach.

#10- Jessica called in, shes a previous guardian from the court system. The process is that children are immediately taken away form their parents in her county usually for meth use when drug raids happen. So the children are taken, put in foster care, and the foster parents are given money to help the child. The parents are also paid for, for treatment. If the parents leave the treatment center within 30 days, they can go to another center and get the treatment all over again – with a limit of 2 years. So for 2 years, they can get housing and food.

#11- Anne in Castro Valley – She is a volunteer to register voters on a yearly basis. Shes become annoyed by the fact that they’re sending in county workers on voting day and get paid to work…then they’d get time and a half AFTER they were technically “off the clock”




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2 responses to “YOU Blew These Whistles This Morning!

  1. Marty

    My son has cerebral palsy, he is physically disabled. He needs to be fed, dressed, bathed. He is also a college student and doesn’t want to be on the gov’t system. I didn’t raise him to be a victim. We were in SS office one time and heard a young(15?) hispanic boy with his dad and he was saying he was bi-polar. They don’t need SS for that.

  2. Marty

    Where I work they gave out gift cards to Jamba Juice, $5.00, for students for listening to a stop smoking speech. They didn’t have to be smokers. The guy also said apartment managers that listen to a second hand smoking speech get a $50.00 gift card.

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