Help Brock!

This is Brock – Not Barak – and he needs to be adopted!

See More Information on him HERE


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One response to “Help Brock!

  1. PJ

    Brock is absolutely darling!!!

    But something is terribly amiss. Not that I mind, but someone has done something terrible to the real Brian Sussman. He actually said something nice about an animal…and a pitbull to boot? That’s not believable.

    Same goes for his mean-spirited sidekick, the one who kicks up his heels when a deer is hit by a car just so he can joke about “antlered rats”.

    You both should know that many conservatives, including me, are lifelong animal lovers and are turned off by your skewed, mean, unreasonable bias against animals and their protection.

    It is the one thing that makes someone like me unwilling to align myself with the conservative party.

    Thank you, though, for not stepping on Brock and his chance for a new home.

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