Hey – Our President Thinks He’s Got A Shot at Comedy.




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12 responses to “Hey – Our President Thinks He’s Got A Shot at Comedy.

  1. Willie

    What is funny is those who are laughing with him. Sickening..I expected booooss instead of laughters from the crowd …really sickening

  2. Peter

    When I first heard this I thought this was an impersonator! I Even understand he could have made one sentence that insulted one person but he continued on & on then did it to multiple people who had genuine questions!

  3. When I first heard this I was certain this was an Impersonator! I might understand a single sentence accidentally insulting the concerned citizen but he went on & on; then he did this to multiple people! He even insulted a grand father for having lots of children & grandchildren! How could this be the President of the USA?

  4. Kim

    Wow! Once again the president shows off how erudite he is and made his pricey educational institutions proud. The energy summit questions just proves that the game shifted and if he thought Joe the Plumber was a nightmare to him, he is going to meet plenty more just like him along the trail this time. However, some of them may be his own party…

  5. D Lenz

    Am I just overly sensitive? I did not see a video only heard the audio, but one of my takes: The clip had four people asking substantive questions. From the voices I would say the first two were white, third was black and the last was white. The first two and last persons were belittled or insulted directly, while the black person was not. It was very subtle and one had to listen how the answer (or lack of answer) was worded.

  6. SunnyvaleKen

    Fire Obama in 2012. This arrogant lawless lying leftist has got to go.

  7. Obama doesn’t hide his contempt for the little guy…

    C-Span has a video of the Obama-Energy-Town-Hall-in Pennsylvania meeting at:

    Move the button to 19:44 – 24:01 Daniel Reams asks an eloquent question about implementing a high voltage grid extending from coast to coast…see how Obama doesn’t answer the question…instead of bailing out Wall Street and the banks, why wasn’t money allocated to this coast-to-coast high voltage grid???? Obama wants the private sector to fund it, because the government is bankrupt…He discusses state’s rights and zoning issues. The U.S. is bankrupt when it comes to printing money for the upkeep and care of America’s infrastructure. Where us the money that Obama said he would allocate to infrastructure maintenance and improvements throughout the U.S.?

    Move the button to 24:42, Jazz, asks the question about high fuel gasoline prices…he asks about ways to lower the gasoline prices. Obama talks about supply and demand and world demand for oil affecting oil prices. Demand for a barrel of oil increases worldwide and oil prices increase. He admits that he can’t do anything other than increasing oil production in the U.S. He wants proof new oil drilling disasters won’t happen, accidents happen, unfortunately. U.S. has 2 to 3% of oil reserves while we uses 23% of oil. He talks about improving fuel efficiency in vehicles. He says dump your gas guzzlers. He talks about the man, Jazz, having 10 kids and that he should get a hybrid van. He answered the question the best he could, better than the high voltage grid question from 19:44. He talks about electric cars, but doesn’t get where electricity comes from, coal, and oil, nuclear plants. He admits the U.S. doesn’t have a good enough electricity distribution method. He tells Jazz to trade in his gas guzzler and buy a hybrid auto.

    Move the button to 40:23 David Campbell asks the energy tax credits question – no criticism in this question, so Obama answers the man’s question.

    Move the button to 43:14 Alan Birchall asks a question about Canadian Tar Sands Oil – a harder and more critical question and Obama makes fun of the guy…

    Move the button to 48:11 the guy with 7 kids and 8 grandkids…he asks about cuts to education and how it negatively effects his children and grandchildren, look at how Obama answers the question…couldn’t he answer the man’s question without inserting the snide comments?

  8. sb

    He sounds drunk with power.

    Can you post the actual mp3, so we can get creative?

    • I haven’t found an mp3 – at first I searched for a transcript of the town hall meeting and there is a site that supplies transcripts for news outlets, but the consumer must purchase a year long subscription…

      It is one thing not to have answers to questions and it is another to be contemptuous of the people who elected you into service. At least these people with the large families are all employed and not on the public dole. They are paying their own way, not sucking off the teat of the tax payer. They asked timely and pertinent questions and were ridiculed for the size of their family’s, the cars they drove, and the polite manner in which they posed their questions. I wonder if he would address a crowd of illegal immigrants – from any foreign country – in the same manner? It appears he doesn’t respect Americans or America. There was no need for him to attempt to inject his idea of levity into the proceedings. If that was his idea of cheerfulness, I am definitely out of the demographic…because it came across as bullying.

      • SunnyvaleKen

        Obama is arrogant and anti-American. You have it exactly right: he demonstrated his utter contempt for some intelligent and articulate everyday Americans. Who the hell is he to make sarcastic remarks about the size of their families? He’s arrogant and sanctimonious like Harry Reid presciently described by Mark Twain “A solemn, unsmiling, sanctimonious old iceberg who looked like he was waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity”

        The President, Reid, Pelosi, Shumer, Boxer – all of these top Democrats are enemies of our Constitution and way of life. They want to spend us into bankruptcy, devalue the dollar and steal our wealth – why else would they plan a $1.65 trillion ($1,650 billion) dollar deficit **this year**? We are already in debt up to our eyeballs and cannot afford any more. What happens when our creditors refuse to loan any more money? What happens if they decide to dump the dollar?

        I believe we are in serious trouble and the manure will hit the proverbial fan. And the Democrats have brought it on. Bush did his part, unfortunately, but this Democrat bunch has made Bush look like a piker.

  9. ken

    This guy is totally out to lunch. Completely out of touch and rude. Spew…..

  10. Ursula

    The Joker in Chief has audacity to insult these workers who have clearly formulated thoughtful, provocative questions for this “important” visit. Another example of his absolute inability to take this job seriously or act at all presidential.

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