The Whistles You Blew This Morning!

Sheri in San Jose – An Alameda County fire chief (#14)  vehicle sits on her street EVERY DAY and has her wondering if taxpayers are paying for the gas?

Mary on Treasure Island – Works on Treasure Island, in a federally funded education program, that most of the population doesn’t know about, and its costing tax payers $45,000 a year. We the tax payers are paying for kids to go home for vacation twice a year. The success rate? About 1 in 60. JOBCORE.ORG

David – Works in federal sales and theres a company that he sells hardware for in San Jose. A federal company purchased $350,000 on hardware… when he called them to see if they wanted to renew – they had NO IDEA where the hardware was, and they had never installed it.

Ronnie – He’s a retired police officer. Every police department, all management gets their own car to drive home.  A lot of them are making MAJOR commutes and all of the FUEL AND CAR MAINTENANCE is on the TAXPAYER DOLLAR.

Dean – Used to own a music store in Texas. Every year he could count on these 2 bands showing up and buying new equipment. They would bring back things they’d bought the previous year that they hadn’t used, and then they’d buy more… ALL TO MAKE BUDGET!

Dave in Hollister – Commutes from Hollister to San Francisco everyday and pays for his own gas, but frequently he sees 4 San Jose Cops on Bikes – Riding TOGETHER back and forth.

Paul in Richmond – Used to be a fire fighter and noticed that when they’d have a fire fighter lunch or bbq during the summer, not only would people from a ways away show up – but they’d show up in COMPANY VEHICLES.

Dianne has a brother who works accounting for BART — and Everyone who works for BART has a cell phone paid for BY BART only for “Emergencies”

Brian from Oakland – The Naval Hospital in Oakland used to get the same amount of funding that Kaiser got. And they saw 1/10th the amount of patients.

Margaret – Was a teacher and the kids go from grade to grade. The kids were continuously coming into her class from 2nd grade and were not able to perform at the 3rd grade level. She confronted the teacher whose where the children were coming from because the “scores” on their tests were higher than their performance abilities were.  She blew the whistle and SHE was questioned and was observed while teaching to check and make sure MARGARET wasn’t cheating…

Elias – Went to court to fight a traffic ticket and was denied due process. They sent him to talk to a supervisor and was surrounded by 4 cops, one with a taser drawn, and asked him what the disturbance was. All just because he was trying to file a motion.  He was EXCUSED from the court house.

Nick in Modesto – His son was pulled over for being on a cell phone – he took his bill and records to show that there were 12 minutes between the call and the pull over. He was still GUILTY and fined with $400.

Chris in SF – He’s a contractor in SF and there is a program to take care of houses that are running down. The only way to get a contract to get them fixed – they have to PAY UNION WAGE – so there are kids making $50 an hour in union pay (coming from a slush fund) and $17 an hour when back on the NORMAL job.

George in Hayward – Caltrans guys get to take their pickup trucks home with them. Gas… Paid for. Vehicle Maintenance…. Paid for. By Who? TAXPAYERS!

Don in Oakland- He got a camera ticket for “running a yellow” and was scheduled a court date… FOR AUGUST. He had to bite the bullet and pay. They’re giving out tickets left and right with those cameras.

Beverly in Burlingame – She received a ticket while making a left turn into a parking spot… the ticket was for making a U Turn in a business district. She asked how to appeal it – followed the process – wrote a brief – and went back to court in Redwood City. The judge said that the brief was awesome and ruled in favor of her. So TAKE THAT!!! Atta Girl!!!


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