CFL Light Explosions? – VIA:




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2 responses to “CFL Light Explosions? – VIA:

  1. John in Dublin

    I too have had one burn up in a floor lamp. It threw sparks out and began smoking. I turned it off immediately and fortunately it did not break. But I will NOT ever use this crap ever. These are almost all made in China…just saying. So I have stocked up on the good ol’ incandescent bulbs. I have over a thousand of different types and sizes…and I buy each time I go to the store.

  2. MWendall

    And don’t forget that the CFLs are LOADED with mercury, so when they break for any reason they’re toxic.

    I’ve been buying FEIT Electric Co halogen bulbs, which look like real bulbs and are as bright as the old incandescents were. A “60W” bulb uses only 40W. They cost more but last longer and have no idiotic warm-up time.

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