NBC scales back their royal wedding coverage ‘because William and Kate are so boring’

NBC scales back their royal wedding coverage ‘because William and Kate are so boring’

Last updated at 10:40 PM on 18th April 2011

NBC has scaled back its coverage of the Royal wedding because executives think that Prince William and Kate Middleton are ‘too boring’.

The network’s team of producers and presenters will go to London later than planned because they don’t believe America cares that much about the event.

The number of pre-taped packages about the Royal couple has also been cut in half to avoid ‘viewer fatigue’.

‘The U.S. public’s interest was not what they thought,’ an NBC insider told the New York Post.

‘Kate and Prince William are both really boring.’

NBC had planned an ‘aggressive and comprehensive’ package of coverage of the April 29 event which left media commentators reeling at its scope.

NBC’s ‘Today Show’ was due to  begin reporting live from London from April 22nd, a full week before the wedding day.

The ‘Today Show’ wedding day broadcast would have begun on the April 29th at 4am ET followed later by a ‘Dateline’ two hour documentary that night.

Brian Williams was due to head to London to broadcast his ‘Nightly News’ beginning Wednesday, April 27.

And other NBC/Universal networks providing coverage of the wedding include E!, Bravo and Telemundo.

Even The Weather Channel got in the act with all the latest forecasts and weather from London.

Exactly what will be cut has not been revealed although the pre-taped packages will be cut in half.

‘They’re allocating fewer resources to it because they’re afraid it’s not going to rate well,’ a source told the Post.

NBC’s move comes as rival TV networks show no signs of reducing their coverage.

ABC has vowed to devote 20 hours to the Royal Wedding starting at 4am ET with a special edition of ‘Good Morning America’.

Robin Roberts will be live from Westminster Abbey before handing over to Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters who will anchor the wedding itself.

Coverage will be streamed live online and to the iPad and iPhone apps, as well as Facebook, Yahoo!, and Hulu.

CBS News will have Katie Couric in London two days before the wedding and she will anchor the footage on the day itself.

That night the network will broadcast a one-hour special called: ‘The Royal Wedding: Modern Majesty’.

CNN has unveiled its ‘global, multi-platform coverage’ of the big day with Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Richard Quest and Cat Deeley presenting.

An NBC spokesman said: ‘This could not be more false – NBC News has the most aggressive and comprehensive coverage of the royal wedding.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1378163/NBC-scales-royal-wedding-coverage-William-Kate-boring.html#ixzz1JyS7HL3I



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  1. Thanks for admittedly using proper grammar. Approximately all sites were absolute gibberish. Remarkable website & writing skills. You my friend have Talent! I just StumbledUpon this. Not bad. I’ll give it a thumbs up.

  2. This is America not England.We have nothing to do with the Royal family.So why are we having any broadcast at all

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