It’s WhistleBlower Wednesday!!! Blow Those Whistles, Patriots!

Sheri in San Jose – With an UPDATE on Fire Chief #14 that was parking in her neighborhood. He is now parking his truck BEHIND his house. ūüôā GO SHERI! Also, on the news there was a story about a fire fighter using the personal gas pump of the fire station to fill up his BMW and he was fired. He filed for wrongful termination because he was under the impression that he was allowed to do that.

Mark in Stockton – The other day he saw 2 pick up trucks pull up on “pot hole patrol”, stand around for 15 minutes, then they did a crappy job filling everything up. 6 people and 3 vehicles… and a bad job.

Lori – High school students who are going to college are being given debit cards from the colleges for books and supplies, then they drop their classes and use the debit cards else where.

Jerry in South Bay – All State employees need to keep track of who’s doing what. The prisoners at Solidad Prison have computer access and they were able to obtain the Social Security Numbers of the PRISON GUARDS.

Stu in Concord – Because the President is coming into town, model aviators can NOT fly their planes, and if they do, they could go to jail.

Sean in Fremont – Local hoodlums have been loitering outside of stores and are taking recepts and seeing if u paid cash. If you paid cash, they take the recipt, buy what you bough with their EBT, then go back into the store, and return your item for CASH!!!

Speaking of EBT and Cash - this is a picture Katie Green took at "Rickys Sports Bar" in San Leandro - This is their ATM next to the bar.

Jason in Fairfield- Was a taxi driver and there were “Dart Cards” that were government issued for transportation. He saw them all the time… on the way and from the bar.

Mike in Half Moon Bay – They had school busses that were paid for with drivers and all. The local government decided they¬†couldn’t¬†afford it, so they started charging the parents… they STILL¬†couldn’t¬†afford it… so they just stopped it. A couple years later, he saw the busses again, all new busses and drivers, and when he asked about it, he was told that the busses were ONLY for illegal immigrants coming from farms and housing projects. ¬†

William from the Elevator Industry – As part of his job he goes on a route to about 7 apartment complexes… that are REALLY nice… but they are SECTION 8 housing¬†and there are cars in the garage that he dreams, bmw, mercedes, etc.

Wilson – Her¬†niece¬†went back south for a funeral and stopped at the gas station. She grabbed a bunch of food totalled $62 worth. She paid EBT then told the gas station attendent to put it on pump 4. Basically a switch of product. AND if you claim your card is stolen, they just send ya a new one! Fancy that… ¬†So people load up, claim their card was stolen, then they get a brand new card all re loaded with money.

Anne – Knows of situations where people who she knows are on disability – and they are offered the service of people coming to their home to help them and they get $800 a month when they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Now, with these “people” who provide the “disability service” can be a person of your choice. So I could claim disability, get this money for in home services, and I could have my best friend be my new room mate as long as she signs my “disability papers’.

Levi – Police are always on their cell phones while driving. The end.

Tim in Fremont – Says that cops are allowed to use phones in their car because its written into the law.

Maria – works for an insurance company – and one time she had a claim from a teacher. She ordered the teachers records and looked over them, coming to find that the teacher didnt even have a degree in this country!

Shirley – Has a family member who is in Section 8 housing for the disabled. It is a beautiful building with security, dining areas, in home service, and a $5000 scooter paid for by the government because one leg of hers is shorter than the other.

Andrew – Folks who do the work as in home service and get paid for work, end up “injuring” their back and hopping on the “free money train” from the Government.

Kyle from San Rafael – Worked in Public Services and said it usually starts when someone gets an injury. Then a social worker comes to the house to evaluate the person in need. They ask questions of the person who needs the service.. and pretty much the more answers you give that express need of care, the more hours you’ll gain….

Andrew from the¬†peninsula¬†– There is a family that immigrated from Asia, PARENTS AND CHILDREN, ¬†the children’s networth is close to $20,000,000 (yes… 20 MILLION)¬†so they brought their parents here, and is now paying for their SECTION 8 HOUSING!¬†

Al in Castro Valley – His mailbox has a scan bar on it and there was a period of time where his postman would deliver the mail at about 2:30 in the afternoon and would come back at 5, and scan the bar again. Looks like some NICE OVERTIME!



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3 responses to “It’s WhistleBlower Wednesday!!! Blow Those Whistles, Patriots!

  1. My wife was stopped and ticketed for holding her cell phone while talking on the speaker feature. Not texting, not dialing, just responding to a call received.

    How is holding a phone different from holding a cup of coffee and telling your coffee how much you appreciate it in the morning?

  2. Gene Dougherty

    Dear Brian,
    I appreciate what you’re trying to do with “Whistle Blower Wednesday” but you tend to paint everything with too broad a brush. For example: my friend is permanently disabled, having been born with cerebral palsy. She is now 56 years old and cannot stand for more than a few minutes at a time, cannot walk without the help of a walker, and has not been able to work for the past two decades. The state provides her with $900 a month in SSI Disability. $900 per month! Who can live on that? If she didn’t have other assistance from friends and family she would be homeless – and probably dead by now. She qualifies for IHSS and gets the much-needed support (shopping, meal preparation, transport to doctor appts., housework, etc.) from an eminently qualified service provider: a wonderful woman who is paid $11 per hour for her quality-of-life-saving assistance and support. Yes, she has no formal training other than having raised several children of her own, cleaned homes for many years, and provided loving care to many other needy people over the past decade. If we cut back on IHSS support for the actually disabled (not the “so-called disabled” you denigrated on your show this morning) we would doom these truly needy people to an even more dibilitating and depressing life than they already suffer. In the meantime, public employee unions demand that the DMV employee that sits behind the counter and moves at a snail’s pace receive lifetime benefits at the expense of those who are truly in need. Remember: $900 per month is only $10,800 per year. Could you or anyone you know live on that pittance?
    Gene Dougherty

  3. Man, you’re the greatest. This a.m. (4/21) the talkshow host that comes on before you and supposedly is very up to date reported the Manson thing that you mentioned two three days before. I finally got a friend of mine to listen to your show and now he’s hooked but good. Really likes you.

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