President Sparky – With His Bouncy Way.



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2 responses to “President Sparky – With His Bouncy Way.

  1. Ted Doyle

    Dear Mr. Sussman:

    On Tuesday I saw the new movie “Atlas Shrugged, Part I” at the Century 16 in Mt. View. The movie is great. I was disappointed in the lack of publicity this movie has received from conservative sources. I believe that because of this, there were only 9 people to view the 7 p.m. showing on Tuesday evening. My daughter saw it on Monday and said there were only about 15 people there.

    The movie opened April 15 and it’s last day is today, April 21. If my daughter hadn’t told me about it, I also would not have known to attend it. I don’t know if the movies is available at other Theaters for a longer stay, but if so, please promote this conservative epic on your show.


    Ted Doyle

    p.s. Please don’t use my name on the air.

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