Its Whistleblower Wednesday!

Bill from the East Bay – The Livermore Lab, a group of people come in at 8 AM for work, and about 40 minutes later, they leave for their 4 1/2 hour bike ride. They return back to the lab, put their work clothes back on, and leave. Their reason? Their boss doesn’t know them, so how would they know that they’re gone?

Ford in SF – Wants to know where the $$ is going with Muni. We already spent $500,000,000 on a new line on 3rd st. Now their spending $1 Billion on an underground line. They’re replacing the fast passes for Muni (which means new gates and new computer system to update the fast passes) NOT ONE BIT of revenue increase…..For over $3 billion dollars.

Bob from the East Bay – Concerned about abuse in the government. There has been a major renovation in a government hospital where they have been throwing away a lot of furniture…which could still be used… and they’re throwing it ALL away. Why? Because they’re buying ALL NEW furniture.  No, they’re not donating it, THEY’RE THROWING IT AWAY. Did we mention that they BREAK EVERYTHING before they throw it away?

Kerri from Marin – Had been charged with honking at a driver in front of her and was headed to traffic court. She got a ticket for $250 for honking ONCE. She was told that she was not allowed to honk her horn. When they went to court, the officer who pulled her over went to the stand and asked the judge if he could change the charges. She objected and the charges were dropped.

Matt in San Jose – He is a DUI Attorney in Marin, and if you get in trouble with the law and try to take it to court….like you have a right to do… They present a deal that makes you think twice. They want you to plead guilty and ask to not go to jail, rather than presenting your case to a jury…which would usually end in jail time. Somewhat like punishing the public for exercising their right to a trial.

Jeff from the North Bay – He develops real estate and builds apartments. It costs about $200,000 to build a nice unit. There is a private developer who is building units for $350,000. For LOW income housing. They spend $200,000 on labor, where Jeff spends $50,000. There is a lot of waste going on here.

John on the Peninsula – Is whistleblowing the Smart Meter. There is a huge flaw in the Gas Smart Meter. They made a mistake with the design. With the gas setup there is no mechanism to detect if it has been disengaged, meaning that you can disconnect it at night, run your heater over night, and turn it back on in the morning – no one can tell.

Ray from Hayward – Was going through a divorce and had the police meet them at the ex wifes house to get some of his things. While they were there, Ray and his wife got in an argument. They arrested him for disturbing the peace  and took him to jail. When they took his belongings – he had a silver dollar worth several hundred dollars, which they counted as a dollar. He told them “NO that is worth hundreds of dollars..” and he asked to get it back when he’s out. He was released the next day, they gave him a dollar bill instead of the silver dollar… saying that you dont get to keep the same money you came in with. When he called the city of Fremont to make a case of it – the city denied it and he never saw his silver dollar again.



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4 responses to “Its Whistleblower Wednesday!

  1. eloise

    ?did they have water marks back then and my mom’s and sister’s really do have the seal of the state on them. he lie’s real good. who did he pay off, and if it was real he would have showen this 2 -3 years ago.

  2. Garret

    longtime fan of the Sussman show. I just wanted to add something to the whistle I blew this morning about the Branham high school spanish teacher, who doesn’t believe the US is a country, but rather that the entirety of north america is a union unto itself. This might be the bigger storry anyway…

    Last week there was a bomb threat when my niece was in her class. The students in the class knew about it right away as they got texts from all of their friends in other classes. The friends in other classes, having been instructed to take cover under desks and loccer room benches, and then being evacuated across the street to a central location. The teacher did not believe them, when they told her what was happening, and proceded to keep them in class for a half hour to forty five minutes after other students had started evacuating… the news later that day said it was only 10 minutes.

    • Garret

      One more thing, is that only some of the student’s parrents got called about the threat, other parrents had to learn about it from the children or from the news.

  3. Brian

    Great work!
    I found something quite significant

    Susan’s birth certificate #61 10637 born on the 5th Obama’s birth certificate #61 10641 born on the 4th 4 births apart see the problem? Lol the higher # was the day before hmmmm

    Oakland Ca.

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