President Obama’s “Real” Birth Certificate…

Katie Green has Highlighted the Issues in Yellow

• If the original document was in a bound volume (as reflected by the curvature of the left hand side of the certificate), how can the green patterned backgroundof the document’s safety paper be so seamless?

• Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the “Date Accepted by Local Reg.” four days later on August 8, 1961?

• What is the significance of the smudges in the box containing the name of the reported attendant?

• David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.

• In the “This Birth” box there are two mysterious Xs above “Twin” and “Triplet.” Is there a sibling or two unaccounted for?

• What is the significance of the mysterious numbers, seen vertically, on the document’s right side?

• Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity. Note to forgers: it is spelled “Ukulele.”

(Via: The Smoking Gun)

Things we’ve noticed Here on the Sussman Show:

  • “Hussein” is typed one pixel higher across the page than the word “Obama”
  • Look at the 41 at the top right of document.
  • Any other birth certificate that didnt have the footprint and statistics of length and birth weight at time of delivery? No…
  • The pdf shows a photoshop layer effect on the text: zoom in to see the “white glow” around the text and lines. I can only assume this reproduction was produced for “clarity”.
  •  the “M” in P.M. is a small font of a capital M. That would have been impossible on a manual typewriter.

What do YOU think???



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87 responses to “President Obama’s “Real” Birth Certificate…

  1. caroline averton


  2. Debbie

    I think they had a lot of time to fabricate one. He is the President you know !!!

  3. Hank

    Just a question..was Africian used as Race very often in 1962?
    I will assume state certificate vary..again just a question. No birth weight.length.. things that are found on mine all my children. Interesting, but many things in Barry’s past are .

    • The Magic M

      > was Africian used as Race very often in 1962?

      Race was not picked from a pre-defined list but by the parents as they identified themselves. It makes perfect sense an African would identify himself as “African”, not as “Negro” – especially during a time where blacks were still effectively second-class Americans.

      Also, Ockham’s Razor dictates this is the proper explanation. Or do you think if the birther were right and Obama “had two years to prepare a perfect forgery with the help of the FBI”, they would have foreseen some fools jumping onto anything they don’t understand and simply listed the race as “Negro” if they had forged this?

    • 1dragon

      In 1962 Negro or Colored would have been the proper term used, African or rather African American did not come along until 1980’s.

  4. Nick

    It’s going to be another fight trying to prove the errors and questions on this certificate. BUT STILL no one is asking “what defines “natural born citizen?”

  5. R_not

    Where did the Barry Soetero name come from? If he had a Hawaiian birth certificate then the money he got from being a foreign student should not only be repaid, but repaid with interest. And he should face a court of law over getting money under false pretenses.

    Where is his footprint?

    Shouldn’t there be a seal of Hawaii?

    • j. frank wilson

      R-Not (Indeed!):

      Where is Mr. Obama’s footprint?

      It’s on the bottom of his foot!

    • Alan

      Shouldn’t there be a seal of Hawaii?

      Hawaii only releases “certified” COLBs in the format that Obama showed us back in 2008. The “long form” COLB shown here is not valid as an official document – only the “short form” can be an official certified document.

  6. j. frank wilson

    Your tinfoil hat is too tight. For years the right wing nutz have been screaming “Just show us the ‘Long Form’ and the issue will go away.” Mr. Obama knew it wouldn’t, because the “issue” isn’t based on facts.

    So he went ahead and released it. And – guess what? – more questions. Quelle Surprise!

    The little penciled numbers are probably codes for registering this information into a database. The dates of the signatures are different because it takes a few days to prepare the original, get the Doctor to sign it, etc.

    The paper pattern is because this is a scan of the original, printed on the same type of paper used for checks.

    You people are hilarious. Keep it up! We’ll be laughing all the way to November 2012 !!!

  7. Nick

    Me again…

    Only yesterday Obama said there was no point in releasing his long-form birth certificate because it wouldn’t change anybodies mind, and a day later he does a 180. Either this guy is over medicated or White House polls show he is so far on the losing side of this issue he has to release something.

    Its hard to question why there is no birth and height of the baby when a search online shows several Hawiann birth certificates do not show this.

    “Over the last two and half years, I have watched with amusement. I have been puzzled with the degree with which this thing just kept going,” Obama

    So for over two years he’s ENJOYED this whole thing. He’s spent money avoding it and NOW he’s playing poltiics. He’s required it to be released during campaign season for a reason…and I hope it backfires.

    The arrogance must go!

  8. Phoebe

    I am a retired medical records administrator. My dept was responsible for sending in this type of information. In the old days a clerk interviewed the mother and wrote the data on another form, then typed it on a blank form, signatures from mother (or father) and doctor obtained and then mailed to appropriate Dept. of Health. I believe there is nothing wrong with this. It is possible that the handwritten numbers that you see represent some type of coding used later by the Dept. of Health to gather stats. Suggest you write to the hosp. for dates of adm and disch. of the mother – chart could be destroyed because of statute of limitation, which vary depending on the state.

    • j. frank wilson

      Phoebe: You’re making too much sense!
      It’s obvious Mr. Obama has been hiding this form for years because it doesn’t have his Mother’s mailing address.

      Gee: To you think that “Small Capital M” in the time box is pre-printed? As are the numbers in the upper right-hand corner – then a 2-digit stamp was used to add the last two numbers to pads pre-printed with numbers in sets of 100?

  9. Jeff

    Regarding the small caps ‘M’ in the time, it probably would have been printed on the original form to save typing by the clerk, just as ’19’ was pre-printed on forms for the year, so that is probably a non-issue, but it would have to be compared with other “Certificate of Live Birth” forms released from Hawaii.

    In all cases, you really need a control reference to see if your sample conforms or not.

  10. Thomas Jacobs

    Really j. frank wilson???… And yet the President spent nearly $2 million dollars trying to keep it from surfacing and held it off from the American people for 2 1/2 years. And now he has the “Audacity” to stand before the American public and say…”I didn’t realize that there was such a controversy over this matter.” And yet, you follow along blindly…Really!

    And now, having established that he may really have been born to an American citizen in America, let’s move on to college applications, college records, law review articles and the like…I’d like to know more about this fine, upstanding “American”….

    • j. frank wilson

      Thomas Jacobs:

      $2,000,000? Really? Do you have proof of that? Or just an article from Wing Nutz Daily?

      The “law review articles” issue was debunked years ago. Articles published in the Harvard Law Review written by students are not signed. Surely you knew that? Didn’t you?

      Mr. Obama knew releasing this “Long Form” wouldn’t change anyone’s mind because the “issue” wasn’t fact-based in the first place.

      This website simply proves that to have been true.

    • happyhappy

      the number you quote ‘2 million’ dollars’ is the amount of money his campaign has spent since the election on normal legal matters….NOT THE IDIOTIC BC ISSUE. None of these cases have gone to trial and basically, no lawyers have had to do anything except type of a 3 page brief. DO YOU REALIZE MCCAIN HAS SPENT 1.3 MILLION ON LEGAL FEES SINCE THE ELECTION TOO??!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WHAT IS HE HIDING. NOTHING YOU FOOLS, IT’S NORMAL EXPENSES. UGH.

  11. R Drozek

    We Americans are faced with the reality that we have a “Flim-Flam Man-the Obama Man” in the White House, who would authorize the use of Photoshop or any means to discredit his critics regarding his three years of refusing to release his “real Birth certificate.” As a former member and radical operative of the Democrat Party, these forms of “thirty tricks” are common approaches in winning elections and hence access to huge slush funds that can be used to attack opponents or to simply pay for those who play the Chicago Daley style of subterfuge. To these lawyers, the means always justifies the end for they will speak that we did it “to protect the American People and if they knew the truth, it would harm them.”
    Obama’s news conference today, which can be seen on c-span, demonstrates his cavalier manner in speaking honestly to the American People. This man is a pure menace, as we have also seen, how the Union Leaders of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, and the Public and Educational servants, would rather see America be destroyed economically, then have their excessive salaries and benefits be denied them.

    Again, this document and your key points shown above are what the Three Media Cartels (Disney, GE, and NewsCorp) will never point out. The executives of these monopolies need the chaos and fear to generate their 2 trillion dollars in ad revenue that they receive each year.

    Knowledge is Power. We must know the truth. Our Government is an institution of Professional Liars and of injustice. Once we accept this main reality, we can begin to work to dismantle it for the common good.

  12. Radegunda

    j. frank wilson,
    Your theory, evidently, is that Obama has simply been toying with the American public for three years, first by posting a short form on his website that was so obviously phony he had to take it down, then spending large sums in court to fight against a demand to demonstrate his eligibility, then saying he couldn’t get a long form, etc., and finally coming up with a doc just a few days before Corsi’s book is published. And he did it all just to make the American public look stupid. What a guy!

    So, what’s your theory on why he has carefully sealed all his academic records, medical records, professional records, etc.? And why his passport file was tampered with during the election campaign and a person with knowledge of the action was soon murdered? Why is he concealing who’s visiting the White House?

    Is all this secrecy just a clever ploy to embarrass citizens who ask the president to practice the “transparency” he promises? Either Obama has much to hide, or he’s a devious, nasty little man. Or both.

    • j. frank wilson


      In typical right wing nutz fashion you attempt to make your point by re-writing what I presented. This is a Boss “I wasn’t wrong; I was misinformed” BlunderRush or Off-the-Mark tactic: “Here’s what they really mean.”

      It does not work.

      Mr. Obama addressed this issue years ago. The nutz screamed “Just show us the ‘Long Form.’ That will end it.” Mr. Obama knew that was folly. Eventually the mess got stirred up by ClusterFox and its ilk to the point where yes, he did, release it.

      And, just as he knew ahead of time, it didn’t settle the matter. Because this “issue” isn’t fact-based. It’s fantasy. Now you have a Vince Foster-style murder? WoW!

      I wouldn’t believe a note Mr. Corsi wrote to his milkman.

  13. Sammye Goolsby

    This is obviously NOT a TRUE birth certificate. But, even it it were, it does NOT change the FACT that Obama was NOT born to TWO natural born U S citizens as required for eligibility for President of the United States by the U S Constitution. We seem to focus on a document rather than the real heart of the issue…his father’s citizenship. He was NOT a natural born U S citizen; he was, in fact, a British subject, if THAT information is true. Also, per other documentation, Obama was NOT born as Barrack Hussein Obama, but as Barry Soetero and there is NO record of a name change to BHO. He began using that name as an ADULT after he returned to the U S from Pakistan. THIS info is per Trumps own investigation. WHY is it being ignored?

  14. EllenB

    Will someone please tell Trump that this one is a fake. Is he so easily duped?
    Donald—can you hear me? Wake up and have your PEOPLE check it out in photoshop. Don’t give up now!

  15. Alan

    >>>>Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the “Date Accepted by Local Reg.” four days later on August 8, 1961?

    I just picked up a copy of my daughter’s birth certificate. It was accepted by the registrar 3 days after birth. We stayed in the hospital for two days after she was born and filled out the BC paperwork on the last day. I can’t believe you’d see this as “suspicious”.

    >>>>>David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.

    “Conveniently unavailable”. Really? Are you suggesting there is some sort of conspiracy about the fact that a doctor died when he was 81, six years before any of this nonsense became an issue?

    >>>>>Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity. Note to forgers: it is spelled “Ukulele.”

    Are you suggesting that the local registrar’s last name was “Ukulele”? I know they are Hawaiian and all, but that just seems rather culturally insensitive and ignorant.

    Sussman, I typically respect you and enjoy your show. This morning you sounded like a buffoon rattling these “claims” off, saying “gee, I’m just raising questions”.

    And, taking Farah’s word that Hawaiian law at the time didn’t follow suit with US law that anyone born in the US is a citizen was especially poor work. Sorry man.

  16. Anyone who has used even the basic Photoshop could whip this up. It is the same old certificate of live birth with some extras shopped in. Just too many obvious mistakes.

    • Carol

      Photoshopped, and a very sloppy job.

    • happyhappy


  17. RoyalScribe

    Jesus, you are insane. Wow, the date it was filed with the registrar was four days after the birth? Oooo, must be a plot! I just pulled out my birth certificate. It was signed by my mom two days after I was born, signed by the doctor four days after I was born, and filed nine days after I was born. BFD. Oh, and the doctor died at the age of 81? Way too young, someone must have pulled a Vince Foster on him. Also, while I cannot make out some of the earlier letters of the registrar;s name, it clearly is not “Ukulele” as it quite clearly ends in “lee.” You should be ashamed of yourself. Let it go.

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  19. anonymouse

    it says it’s just an abstract
    it has no seal
    it’s not certified as “true and complete” as are real BCs

    this is an admitted piece of artwork, and yet it establishes Obama as a criminal, a knowing criminal
    in fact this new forgery is really a good thing because before, conceivably, Ofraud could’ve distanced himself from the forged COLB, that actually would have been smart…to say something like he was born under a coconut leaf or was raised by wolves…
    but he put this thing out himself and has legally painted himself into a prison corner

    so he’s established he’s not a US citizen since he has no certified BC, this thing has no seal, it’s nothing…AND he’s stating on the record his parentage, thus he fails Article II

    thanks Obama!

    • Alan

      Hawaii does not release “certified” copies of the long form birth certificate. Only the standard COLB, which Obama released in 2008, can be certified by the state and used to establish citizenship, birthplace, etc.

  20. Jeebus

    Too funny, more ‘Dr. Polariks’ popping out of the woodwork already. I’m sure they will all be just as honest, forthright and accurate as he was.

    The simple thing is you all still don’t get it, no PDF or jpg will, or has been used to verify Obama’s birth. The images are simply so they can also be posted online. There is a simple, and quite legally valid process for such a verification and it’s been done every time it was legally needed.

    But I guess inventing reasons to be scared of a dark skinned guy with a foriegn sounding name makes you feel better about not liking him or something. well…go you!

  21. Alex

    This is obviously a fake, and I doubt Donald will fall for it. He’s said that people are very adept at making forgeries – apparently he doesn’t know the people Obama hires to do it!

  22. jdmeac

    The pdf can also be taken apart and parts moved around as demonstrated here:

  23. Karen

    Brian, I’ve worked in Photoshop for many years, and the first feature that jumped out at me was the phony shading on the left side of the document. It’s too even and looks like it was done digitally. In addition to your other inconsistencies, this looks like another ‘fake, but accurate’ scam.

  24. Biff Guiznot

    This matches up almost perfectly with the Nordyke certificates.

    It was photocopied and then printed on security paper.

    None of the anomalies proves anything.

    If you’re going to be a document examiner, you need to have the original of the document in your hands, not a digital copy.

    Time to move on to another theory. You’re making yourselves even bigger laughingstocks.

  25. Steve

    You guys are fucking hilarious! Please, please, please keep it up and make 2012 a landslide for the Dems a la Reagan/Mondale in 1984.

  26. jon

    Why didnt obama just release this one two years ago with actual signitures on it, instead of releasing the one before this one with no signitures on it which caused the whole controversey???

    Why isnt congress being arrested or fired for not validating his eligibility in the first place?????Its funny,not many people know obama’s competitor john mcains eligbility was validated!!

    Our congress stood aside,and our security agencies like the fbi and cia did nothing while we had a presidential candidate who got by on his first document with not one signiture on it,hospital name,doctors name or administrators name which mcdonalds wouldnt even except????

    • The original one was released in 2008 because that is the certified document that the State of Hawaii releases when someone requests a certified birth certificate.

  27. Eric Remy

    Political views aside, I am reasonably certain that our governmental history is riddled with cover-ups on both sides of the fence. In general, humans are pre-disposed to a degree of corruption, especially in the acquisition of power. Who knows if this is an example of that or not. If so, we may never know…
    But here’s what I do know… This man is, for now, our President. We don’t have to agree with him or vote for him. But while he’s got the wheel of the ship we all live on, I will stand behind him.
    Don’t get me wrong… I am all for the efforts of investigating… and if circumstances cast enough doubt, and I am certainly not opposed to the impeachment of any President who has maniuplated his way past the rules to get power. But until he goes away (for whatever reason), I’m with him; even if I disagree with him.

  28. Let’s say this is all legit. Why the delay? Of course the Lefties think this was some genius scheme of O’s. If he has had this document in his desk drawer all this time, WTF? Carney says they have been waiting for a waiver from HI which forbids the release of the original docs. Have they ever said so? For two years or more? Nope. Just that it’s all a distraction, crazy, loony…. blah blah. So I guess then the waiver will have been issued as a court document or something from the Governor’s office. Like to see that. Also, speaking of the Gov, it is time to reconcile all his past public statements on this matter along with that clerk Adams who said he was prepared to testify under oath that there was no BC and bigwigs in the State knew it. Let’s get to the bottom of this whole thing. If the President has not at the least been playing games then there has been a broad and deep fraud attempted here by known parties. Let’s get everyone under oath.

  29. It’s out there, it’s public. Let’s see some real experts weigh in and if it’s legit then there was an attempt at fraud made by some known parties. Let’s get everyone under oath and get to the bottom.

  30. Freeport56

    What the real questions have been isn’t whether he was born in Hawaii – but if he is a natural born citizen based on the law in effect in 1961. Further, Obama lost any USA citizenship he may have had when adopted by his step father and b/c an Indonesian citizen – which HAS been documented, and the adoption admitted by Obama. So, when did Obama apply for US citizenship upon returning from Indonesia? Since such records have not been released, we don’t know.
    I do enjoy how Obama and Org for Am insisted the prior document was the actual, real birth certificate – just as he now insists this one is.. so how do we know when to believe him since he has aggressively and defiantly lied for the past 2 yrs…

  31. j. frank wilson

    This blog asks “Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the ‘Date Accepted by Local Reg’ four days later on August 8, 1961?”

    When it comes to indepth analysis you just can’t beat this site!

    According to this document Mr. Obama was born after 7:00 pm on August 4, 1961. That was a FRIDAY! Geez – do you think the local government offices closed for the weekend? Yuh think? Let me help you out here: That would make August 7th a MONDAY. The first weekday for the proper documents to be prepared and signed by the Mother.

    They located the attending physican the next day – Tuesday, August 8th – he signed and the forms were submitted.

    WoW! That was a tough one to figure out !!!

    • Nick

      What about all the obvious photoshop flaws? You do know what photoshop is, right?

      Define “natural born citizen.” The legal definition, not the Obama one.

      • Alan

        I’m familiar with two citizenship types:

        Natural Born Citizen – someone born in the USA
        Naturalized Citizen – someone born in another country but who becomes a citizen by applying

        I don’t know enough about Photoshop to answer any questions about that. Those all seem like pretty far-fetched theories though.

      • Nick

        Come on Frank…why no response? Google running slow?

      • j. frank wilson

        Nick: The 14th Amendment took care of that issue, if you have the native wit to read and understand it. Read the Senate debates – where some folks brought up the matter of foreign parents having children here in the US.

        Face it: Birthiers can’t stand the word typed into the “Father’s Race” box: ” African.” Just admit it – that’s what this brouhaha is all about.

      • Garret

        I wasn’t going to get into it, because the birther issue just seems rather silly to me. It seems pretty much like this is just a game to obama, another round of golf, if you will.

        At any rate, if you look at the fact that you can tear it apart in photoshop like that its pretty telling… no document i’ve ever had to scan does that…

        Also, to anyone who wants to get back to the “real” issues… with what he’s doing to this country… so far its frightfully apparent to me he is either crazy, retarded, or brilliant and has really bad motives for the US And the american people.

    • Y’gotta wonder: are the mechanical parrots really that duped, or just happily participating in the lie? Either way, pathetically sad.

      They play the race card like good mechanical parrots. ALAN WEST FOR PRESIDENT! He’s blacker! Oh, I mean “Africaner.” (That’s the first one I noticed — as many have pointed out, nobody used “African” as a race in 1961, but I’m willing to examine any proof to the contrary. Comparison with other contemporary Hawaii BCs would be useful.)

      The mechanical parrot keeps picking out the weakest, lamest points, ones I also found weak and lame, from the Smoking Gun article. Some of these are possibly nothing, like the small-font M being pre-printed on the form: good possible explanation (we need a comparison form, again, of course). Oh, but the photoshopping artifacts, what about those, parrot? What about why hide it, let a soldier get jailed, divide the nation, all so he can laugh at “birthers”? What about, if he had released this mess at the first, probably nobody would have taken so hard a look. Bracko has even more Machiavelli than Marx about him. They release a bizarrely obvious forgery which (1) they know the Constitutionalists will quickly see right through, but (2) will make all the blind mechanical parrots dance and laugh at how right the Big 0 was that even this (propaganda ploy) wouldn’t satisfy the Constitutionalists. The President isn’t just unqualifed. He is unfit in every regard.

    • J. Frank, you embarrass your very noble last name. Please take your snide comments and vitriol back to Hufffpo or Du.

  32. BlackSunshine84

    I certify that this is either a true copy or an abstract. hehe

  33. DixHistory or Linecreek

    @ j. frank wilson
    I know for a fact that obama is not President of the United States because he is legally not eligible to be president of the United States. He was born a dual citizen and at best is native born as he says but not Natural born as required by law and as stated by the SCOTUS.

    What most are talking about on the birth certificate, is he legally in this country?

    If you think other wise you are ignorant or a traitor to the United States constitution as is most of the media and Congress.

    I know what you will figure out om this is that native born and Natural born as required to be POTUS is the same thing. NOT because you are an ignorant person!

  34. BlackSunshine84

    The “m’ in p.m. was pre-typed. it’s the same on all I’ve looked at so far.

  35. Ed

    Y’all are truly insane.

  36. BlackSunshine84

    I think he used one of the Nordyke’s to forge it. The date, 8-7-91, written by 0bama’s mommy, looks identical to the date written by Mrs. Nordyke.

  37. The Magic M

    > If the original document was in a bound volume (as reflected by the curvature of the left hand side of the certificate), how can the green patterned backgroundof the document’s safety paper be so seamless?

    Because the copy was made *onto* current security paper.

    > David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.

    So if the doctor who delivered you has the misfortune to not become 90 years old, this is reason for suspicion? Get real!

    > Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity. Note to forgers: it is spelled “Ukulele.”

    It doesn’t read “Ukulele”, and why would it?

    > Any other birth certificate that didnt have the footprint and statistics of length and birth weight at time of delivery? No…

    Does the Nordyke twins’ BC have these data? No. And they’ve been trumpeted as “authentic” by the birthers for months. Now they’re fakes, too?

    And which US state has BC’s with footprints? None. Prove me wrong, I challenge you. (Note that the “souvenir BC’s” don’t count.)

    > The pdf shows a photoshop layer effect on the text: zoom in to see the “white glow” around the text and lines. I can only assume this reproduction was produced for “clarity”.

    It makes little sense to look for such inconsistencies on a scanned image of such low resolution.

    I remember how many claims of “forgery” about the COLB could shown to be bogus when looking at a 4 megapixel scan of the COLB (and not the 0.7 megapixel scan the “experts” looked at).

    You really cannot tell compression artifacts and scanning artifacts from forgery traces at this resolution. Besides, no-one claims this image is what came out of the scanner 1:1. Maybe it *was* run through a sharpening filter. So what?

    • >And which US state has BC’s with footprints? None. Prove me wrong, I challenge you.

      Oklahoma 1952. Chicago 1985. Just to name two. (Pardon me if I don’t provide “proof” by uploading my own and my sons’ birth certificates. When one of them runs for President, maybe.) Apparently not Hawaii, though, as you rightly point out. Both sides can lay that one to rest.

      >Race was not picked from a pre-defined list but by the parents as they identified themselves.

      Maybe in Hawaii at that time. Many other places, pre-defined list, like it or not. White (or Caucasian), Negro (not Black until, what, at least the late 1960s, probably later), Other. Or, in some states, Indian (AmerInd, not Asian).

      >It makes perfect sense an African would identify himself as “African”, not as “Negro” – especially during a time where blacks were still effectively second-class Americans.

      Well, not perfect sense. For one thing, it’s not a “race” then or now; it’s not even a nationality. (In the Goode family cartoon show, the liberal family adopted an African child. Joke was, he was white.) And comparison with other BCs from the same time and place will not prove anything, unless we find another actual African parent listed as African. Not terribly likely, but we could at least see if others were marked as Negro, just out of interest. I might’ve guessed “white” would be used, not “Caucasian,” in those days, but from the Nordyke BCs, that guess would be wrong.

      The Nordyke BCs also show that the M in P.M. apparently was, indeed, pre-printed on the forms. Scratch that one. OTOH, the P on Obama’s doesn’t appear to have the white photoshop halo of the rest of the altered letters. There are other differences that might mean nothing, like the birth month on Nordyke’s being “Aug.” and on Obama’s “August.” Typists repeatedly filling in forms would be consistent, buuut not necessarily. Might’ve been different people. Again, comparison with SEVERAL other forms from the same date might be indicative.

      Ignoring the aging, smudging, and other matters which might be copying problems not on the original, the Nordyke BCs were filled in on a manual typewriter. (I spent a LOT of time on those, back when.) On Susan’s, line 7a & 7c both have “Honolulu” In 7c, the H is slightly high, indicating the carriage-shift didn’t get held down well. Just the opposite on Gretchen’s. There are a few seeming but less-obvious such indicators in Obama’s. It is much tidier in this regard, fwiw.

      And you may need to replace the blade in your Occam’s (not Ockham’s) Razor, M. The most likely explanation for a bad forgery like this is that it was not “two years… with the help of the FBI” [snort!] but with the help of relative juveniles acting in isolation who didn’t know any better. Or, maybe instead of Occam we should apply Machiavelli, my preferred theory, because They know the Constitutionalists will (already did) rip this forgery to shreds, and also point out that, even if valid, an African father disqualifies him from being President, but the blind Obamabots will take this as solid and indisputable proof — just as they did before it was ever released — and damn that old rag written by dead male Europeans and all the ‘racist birthers.’

  38. Harry H

    Not everything about the HI document is entirely clear. For instance, the Kenyan bc from Coast Province General Hospital, which has been in the public domain for a very long time, says baby O was born Aug. 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m. The HI doc released today says Obama was born on the same day at EXACTLY the same time, down to the minute: 7:24 p.m.

    If the Kenyan bc were forged, what is the probability that a forger could have guessed the exact minute of O’s Hawaiian birth, which was unknown until today? Very close to zero probability, I’d say. One must also consider Hawaii’s lax rules for registering births, their provisions for amending birth records, and the history of confusing information coming from Hawaiian officials who have a vested interest in their “favorite son”–not to mention the enormous incentive for producing a doctored HI document.

    The duplication of exact birth-time suggests that the Hawaiian doc followed and replicated the Kenyan documentation. From the hospital in Kenya, Ann probably called her mother in Hawaii and told her the time of O’s birth, which O’s American grandmother then used in registering the birth in HI, a registration that could be amended afterwards as needed to suit the demands of political correctness. Apparently Obama didn’t think the minute of birth matters. It does.

    • The fake Kenyan birth certificate was “released” long after Obama released the official, certified COLB which clearly states the date and time of birth. Lucas Smith or whoever made the fake one used the date/time from the certified Hawaiian document.

  39. Ass Hole

    Hey, j. Frank Wilson………. EAT ME!

  40. Pauline

    I too would like to see the Donald reveal the real certificate. If you all go on you tiny there is a video of his grandmother who says she was in the labor room when Obama was born and thee are other witnesses. I agree it took too long. He probably paid them off with our tax money. No wonder we have a 14 trillion debt. I would like to know in his campaign while running for presidency he said he was homeless while in college where did he get all his money? I want the Donald to check into his pasport, education as a foreign exchange student etc. I know the Donald team can reveal it all

    • j. frank wilson

      Yes, the Donald can reveal it all. Next he can cure cancer, bring peace to the world, and make crippled children walk again.

      About the only thing he can’t do is run a business.

  41. Open the PDF file in Adobe Illustrator – it has LAYERS and is a fake… more at – and there is a u tube video showing this!!

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  43. sactosintolerant

    Some of y’all are crazy. There will be obviously be no convincing some of you, but to try to couch it in technicalities about the certificate that you don’t even understand is nuts to the extreme.

    1) You know why the green marks don’t curve? It’s freaking security paper… those marks are on the paper the certificate was copied onto. Anyone who questions this is questionable at best.

    2) They didn’t know at the time that they were witnessing the birth of a future president. If they had, maybe they would have all been so freaking excited that they would all agree to RUSH THIS DOCUMENTATION ASAP CUZ THIS IS THE FUTURE PRESIDENT AND WE’RE SO EXCITED AND AFRAID THAT SINCE HE’S HALF BLACK SOMEONE MAY QUESTION HIS CITIZENSHIP AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE BASED ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE BIRTH DATE AND THE FILING DATE!

    3) Smudges… don’t they know how to photoshop those suspicious smudges out at the white house?!?! Poor forgery!!!

    4) I doubt the doctor, or anyone else non-suicidal, considers their death “convenient.”

    5) Those x’s obviously aren’t from the same typewriter… regardless, sloppy forgery no doubt!

    6) The mysterious numbers ARE for coding

    7) Maybe in the 3 year rush to create this forgery they misspelled Don Ho.

    The small-caps M is obviously pre-printed on the form and I dare you to try to scan a document on this kind of paper and see whether or not you get “oh noes forgery” white haloing around the text.

    Seriously, next time please wait for instructions from the lead birthers before trying to” debunk” the truth. If you had waited, you would know the talking point you should be using is that he is not a natural born citizen, which you would also know to say, is what you were REALLY concerned about all along.

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  45. Leo Carpathian

    Why did he have to go to HI registrar to get his BC?
    His mama didn’t give him one, he doesn’t have his own (properly aged) to show when needed????
    If other mortals lose their BC, they get replacement right a way. Allmighty _resident doesn’t have one by himself???
    Watch for his forgers making one “used” in a hurry. They didn’t think of this one!

  46. Jeannie

    Wish someone would try to actually prove it to be right.. Or…. I DARE SOMEONE TO PROVE IT RIGHT.. Please!!!

  47. Ryan

    Birth certificate or no, this President is running the country into the ground, which j. frank wilson is perfectly happy with, I’m sure.

    • j. frank wilson

      I’m quite happy that our President is Mr. Obama and not Sen. McCain!
      It took the GNoP’ers years to ruin our economy; it’s going to take the Progressives a number of years to get us back on track.

      Unemployment is a world-wide issue – changes in technology, young people with lots of education but not in fields where there is a demand, older workers with years of experience in jobs that are gone forever, just to name a few.

      An economic policy to favor the rich at the expense of the poor didn’t work. The money didn’t “trickle up” – it gushed up.

      Much of the current deficit is not the creation of the Obama Administration; rather, it’s simply eliminating the accounting gimmicks utilized by the Bush Administrations to hide the truth from the American people.

  48. Juliet

    @ j. frank wilson – thank you for being pretty much the only sensible person on these replies.
    @ everyone else – you all need to stop clutching at straws.
    My favourite bit of this pathetic propaganda and conspiracy theory pushing article is this:
    • David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.
    LOL! I laughed so hard when I saw that – how convenient! Obama is nearly 50 you know, and doctors don’t live forever…

  49. pm

    If you open the document in Adobe Illustrator you will be able to see the layers that made the document. A normal pdf would have only one layer, the document itself. In this case it has been composed of separate parts that are easily found in the layers palette as well as other info such as the actions that were used to create it. Any first year art student would be able to do a better job. This was a document made on the computer.

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  51. dajjal

    The small M in 5b is part of the printed form, by default, the doctor needs only add A or P to complete the time notation.

    The security pattern appears not to be part of the original form. All of the pattern is in a separate layer, which is why it is seamless.

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