This Weeks Idiot Reeeeeel!



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2 responses to “This Weeks Idiot Reeeeeel!

  1. GW

    I’ve been told this is fake…?
    Is the certificate a fake? Watch this.

  2. Dick Griffiths

    Brian –
    According to the below website, it would appear that Obama’s latest “Birth Certificate” is a forgery. It is composed of at least nine separate layers on Adobe Illustrator (or Adobe “Photoshop”). But it is obvious when you know what to look for – and there are millions of Adobe Photoshop users – why would they be so blatant (or stupid!)? I am familiar with Adobe Photoshop but am hardly an expert……… but what is explained below makes perfect technical sense to me!

    Here is a definitive explanation:

    In addition, when you enlarge it some of the entries they pixelate (i.e. breakup into individual pixels) whereas others do not at the same magnification further indicating that they are not from the same document.

    I take real exception to being lied to by the President of my country!


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