Today’s POLL!!!!



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2 responses to “Today’s POLL!!!!

  1. Following searching Google I found your site. I think both are great and I is going to be advent back again to you and them in the long term. Thanks

  2. Elizabeth Clark

    I love your morning show. I really do. But when you posted the poll asking people when they thought one of the royal couple would cheat on the other and then have the affair announced in the press…well my heart just sank. We live in cynical times, don’t we? And yet I continue to believe in a loving and generous God who sustains and supports us all. Why, Katie, do you think one of these two people will break their vows and have an affair? And in the next year! Please, you are too young to be so cynical about love. And you Brian and OV – you were also quick to cast your votes for the married couple to cheat on the other. I felt so sad the morning of this poll and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. Your program addresses many problems we have in our country. Why not be hopeful about love? . Elizabeth Clark.

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