My “Official” Auto-Biography

I get a kick out of visiting the page dedicated to me at Wikipedia (or wicked-pedia as I like to call it). I’m not sure who is updating the content, but it certainly is not me. Therefore, here is my official biography.

My broadcasting career began many years ago while attending the University of Missouri. Somehow I talked Bill Weaver, the wonderful station manager at KFRU-AM in Columbia, into letting me host overnight, from 1-5AM. Amazingly, upon graduation, that job led me to accepting a position managing the newsroom at KCBJ-TV (now KMIZ-TV) also in Columbia. I was the nation’s youngest television News Director with a promising future, but soon realized I was really more cut out to be in front of the camera, as opposed to behind the scenes.

My TV career expanded into specializing in weather and the environment and led to post-graduate studies in meteorology. Television allowed me to work and live in wonderful places like Reno, Pittsburgh, and eventually back to my beloved home state of California where I was the main weather guy at KNTV and KPIX. I was humbled to have received numerous Emmy Awards, Associated Press Awards and Radio and Television News Director’s trophies for “Best Weathercast”. The National Education Associated also awarded me a distinguished service honor for elementary education. In addition to all this, for several years in the 1990s I was lucky enough to hold the post of “fill-in” weatherguy on the nationally broadcast CBS Morning Show with Harry Smith.

If I have a legacy in the world of media, hopefully it will be “Brian’s Kids”. Over the course of 12 years we utilized the airwaves of KPIX to highlight foster children in need of adoption. Over 400 children were adopted as a result of “Brian’s Kids”– in fact my household expanded notably as a result of the program.

I left KPIX in 2001 after the adoption of our youngest son and launched several successful small businesses. In 2003 I was hired by KSFO radio in San Francisco to perform a two-hour evening talk show.

Working at KSFO is a dream come true. I was a listener to the station long before I was ever given the opportunity to get behind the mic.

In February 2010 I was asked to take over the KSFO morning show, which had been founded and hosted for fifteen years by the great Lee Rodgers. I’m not sure that anyone can “take over” for Lee, but by God’s grace I’m giving it a whirl.

Meantime, I’m living a dream. Thanks for your support!


5 responses to “About

  1. Jim Riche

    Dear Brian,
    Greetings! I want you to know that my wife and I enjoy listening to your program. I work for Amtrak as an engineer on Caltrain. I was deeply sadden of your trip on Amtrak from SJC to SBA. I ‘m really sorry that you and your family had a terrible experience. Your comments regarding Amtrak and Caltrain are interesting. Amtrak has and always will be treated as the “red headed step child.” I have a few thoughts regarding Amtrak and Caltrain. Both organizations are top heavy with management, with little or no experience operating a railroad. Just like the rest of our state and federal government, too many “chiefs” running the show trying to justify their jobs and salaries. My job as a locomotive engineer looks easy, but it is intense occupation. We have the Feds,the PUC, the JPB, our bosses and the public demanding “perfection” day in and day out on every trip and stop. We have a tremendous respondibility everyday we climb up into the cab.
    Brian, I agree with you about Caltrain, Amtrak and HSR. I wish I could call you and inform you more about the above subjects, however, I could get into trouble saying anything to the media.
    Jim Riche
    Locomotive Engineer

    PS. Just like you, I’m a union guy just because it is a “close shop”. I am one of the few conservatives on the property, but our numbers are increasing! Keep the Faith!

  2. Suman Jha

    Thank you for enlightening us every morning with news that we do not hear from the MSM. This morning you were discussing the Congressman King’s hearing and interviews in Columbia University. We do not have to go all the way to Columbia to find this attitude. As a matter of fact in my town of Davis, the University paid for by the tax payer trains students and staff to have a similar attitude. They had a “Principle of Community” which described that the only oppressor religious group is Christian and only oppressor race is White. It was taken down when Alliance Defense Fund sent the VC a letter complaining about it. However, they also have a seminar called “Challenging White Privilege on Campus” and it is full of definitions that basically say exactly the same things. It is a 10 page document that I could send you if you like.

    I look forward to hearing from you
    Suman Jha

  3. Sussman! My brothah from anothah mothah! You da man!

  4. Hey Brian and crew,
    I wanted to chime in on the cell phone issue in the state prisons. I told your producer what I wanted to say, she judge my comments and curtly dimissed me and hung up on me.
    I hear you rant about the Freedoms of Speech and The Constitution of this country of ours. Is this your direction or her own made up rules on how to deal with opinions that contrary to yours. Sounds like the Liberals to me. What’s the difference? Is your format blurring the lines of perception and if they are, is this lying?
    I had worked in the state prison in Sonora, CA. I worked on the third yard, very bad boys. I workede as a substance abuse counselor for 2.5 years. There were gaurds that were being “walked off” all the time that ranged from sexual prowness to drugs and all things in between. Being an institution, corruption does have its inroads. If there are cell phones in the prisons, they could be used as tools to keep the population from fighting. There are many unwritten rules that the public do not see or realize. I would not speculate because of the gossip they create.
    There are many men in prison that if they had proper support systems in our society they could live more productive lives. I blame the Judicial system for this. Some of these men were hurt or traumatized when they were children and grew up thinking that is how the world is, their behavior is what it is. I looking forward to Messiah’s Kingdom where the law will be love and the fruit of love is always righteousness. ” If you only love your own, where is the reward in that? The reprobate, you cannot change.

  5. Greg

    Brian — Now I see this:

    Is the birth certificut a fake or not?

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