Officer Vic, In Pink Glasses.


8 responses to “Officer Vic, In Pink Glasses.

  1. David

    This goes back a bit but you remember when Lee use to have Devey Kidd on about the OK city bombing, Check this out

    chew on that

    And they now want to put Jamie Gorelick in the FBI, at the time of OK City wasn’t she the Asst. Attorney Gen.? David

  2. David

    Hey you get caught sleep on the job, like the ATC they will hire another OV do we need another?

  3. John in Dublin

    Oh, so sexy…lol

  4. James

    Elton – is that you?

  5. Bob Codagnone

    Hey its Elton John!!!!

  6. Jon

    Dude… awesome! LOL

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